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Residents move

Residents move

    move this little small said, likely to be a lot of people fooled because the main reason doesn't happen very often on my own. Due to the chaos of today's moving the market, lower threshold for moving companies, moving companies have mushroomed in Shenyang, a large number of operating without a license, like keep coming, and strive to move market share.

    most of the residents to move and will carefully consider any reliable moving company, trust, see wall or side of post moves when played in the past, agreed the price after the other party come and help move things themselves.

    If process in the appeared has what accident, for example car to has yihou found you of things compared more, a car loaded not finished, they on will has reason price, you also can't rebuttal; handling items of process in the, if not carefully damaged has things, other not willing to compensation, two party on will occurred disputes; handling home yihou, found has items lost of situation, call past is no accepted, or refused to admit. This event abound.

    after all, something like this would happen, the main reason is because the customer in the process of moving without handling contract with the moving company's sake. Customers may consider moving just a little thing, moved just fine, will not consider unexpected events that may occur in the middle. Moving companies are happy to not sign a contract with the client, so that the client is no reason to compensate them in, they will not bear any responsibility.


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