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Disassembly recycling furniture

Disassembly recycling furniture

    when many families moved, lack the necessary understanding of the moving process, and does not have a minimum of common sense, often in the process of moving led to property damage and unpleasant, causing unnecessary trouble.

    to buy a piece of furniture, for salary payroll, overhead is also not a small part of life, in order to move smoothly, in the process of moving to the following points in mind:

    1, furniture for assembled furniture, move or move, required under the command of professionals.

    2, furniture disassembly and Assembly of workers should be familiar with and reasonable disassembly and installation smoothly;

    3, furniture installation, owners must plan carefully, placed properly, to avoid repeating the move.

    4, should be taken in handling light lift with care, when placed flat on steady if uneven ground, taking the furniture pad solid, so as not to loose furniture fittings, affect the results and longevity.


    furniture maintenance tips:

    (1) furniture to avoid the Sun to prevent discoloration, deformation.

    (2) do not put furniture in damp places, so as to avoid plate expansion, a long time easily rotten.

    (3) cleaning of furniture, do not scrub the furniture directly with water, do not use cleaning direct scrubbing the surface on which it so as not to hurt.

    (4), do not use hot plate or hot pot dishes such as direct contact with the furniture panels, so as not to burn the surface layer.

    (5) against hard objects, cutlery scratches, high temperature-scalding and chemical corrosion, usually when placing such items as possible good pad special pad with soft paper or cloth.

    (6) may put some pepper in the furniture to prevent rats from entering, placing some items such as mothballs, tobacco to prevent moth cockroach damaged furniture.

    (7) timely furniture surfaces with a light SOAP and water paint stained with soda water or oil wash away, and then washed with water, dry after bi-Rachel to keep color fresh.


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