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Long short distance transport

Long short distance transport

    goods in the course of carriage of the carrier is damaged, destroyed or lost liable for damages, but the carrier proves that damage to or loss of the goods due to force majeure, the nature of the goods themselves, or reasonable loss caused by the fault of the shipper, the consignee, is not liable for damages.

    may be exempted from the liability of the carrier:

    the shipper, the consignee's fault. This mainly refers to the shipper or consignee itself caused the loss. According to chapter of provides, main is refers to following several situation: (1) due to checked people on goods packaging of defects, and carrier in acceptance goods Shi and no found; (2) checked people himself loaded Shang transport tool of goods, reinforcement material not meet provides of conditions or violation mount provides, delivered goods Shi, carrier cannot from external found of; (3) escort people should take and not take guarantee goods security of; (4) consignee is responsible for discharge caused of loss; (5) checked people should truthfully declared, Rather than faithfully declare losses, led to the carrier without a corresponding protection measures, and so on.

    exemption from liability of the carrier, it shall bear the burden of proof. If the carrier cannot prove that there is force majeure, the nature of the goods themselves or reasonable loss and the fault of the shipper, the consignee, which is liable for damages.

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