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Move the corporate image

    bad impression in the eyes of customers move enterprise, which most have indirect relations with the Porter. Now moving more and more enterprises of various sizes, regular informal is very mixed, moving company prices that are not formal Porter is irregular, without professional training and professional handling technology, which tends to blur the customer's impression of moving enterprises.

    mistaken all moving companies are the same, porters were also the same. Quality moving companies yesterday received a call from a customer, say you want to move, follow the previous sequence, signed a Protocol, booked time and place, on time. Porter was ordered to capped cars, there was nothing soon were moved. Two hours hours zhihou Porter are returned to has moved Enterprise prepared next moved obligations, phone ring has, is just moved finished home of that bit customer playing to of, phone that head said, a ceramic of vase missing has, this ceramic of vase is is precious of, and a on insist has, is Porter took of, talk in also with dirty, but after Enterprise interrogation, no people see had that vase, half hours zhihou, that bit customer and playing complex phone said is he wife took of, on I moved Enterprise motioned apologies.

    is no language, if said he wife said didn't took is to let moved company phone Porter lost you? many moved enterprise are is very is responsible for of, just now of moved enterprise has many are is not formal of, because some customer with has they, last think not satisfaction, biography of people more has, on errors think moved enterprise are is as of, covet small Lee, smoothly touch melon, not Dan obligations. Here, high quality moving companies record and do not rely on my intuition thought, don't be irregular move of business disruption. Combating irregular move enterprises, we should work together and try and recovery moving enterprise image.


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