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After moving to a new House, you must do three things

    when we're moving, thinking quickly moved in, comfortable stay at their new home, especially new year's time, people want to celebrate the new year in their new home. Even working overtime to catch up with the time of renovation.  But they tend to ignore the pollution problem in the new House. How to solve the problem, housing long-term health by completing the following steps:

    1, before moving to a comprehensive pollution control, such as formaldehyde, benzene and benzene and other chemical pollution to get rid of for example by catalyst control methods. (The Sun factor decoration pollution control projects, a new generation of health new energy-saving environmentally friendly materials-anatase titanium dioxide as the core, new polymer materials of nanometer inorganic antibacterial materials and nano-dimensional capsules to supplement, and fundamentally solve the renovation process produces formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, TVOC (VOC), ammonia and other chemical pollution. Effective and simple construction. )

    2, install a fresh air system, 24 hours a day to complete ventilation requirements and avoid fenestration heat loss. By means of mechanical to the outdoor air, the Interior to create negative pressure, led outdoor air into the Interior through slow into the air after filtration, purification, foul gas discharge through exhaust mechanically, to achieve change in indoor air quality objectives.

    3. normally, set the air inlet in the bedroom, living room, living room, high quality requirements for space, air. Outlet set up in the bathroom, storage room, laundry room, where the air quality is relatively poor. In this way, the fresh air from the bedroom, living room, sitting room into, then discharge toilet orderly, scientific definition of the ventilation path, forming a good cycle fresh air system.

    you want to know when we're moving, if the premises are not working well, your family will bring great harm to the health, so the price should also finished as a new home new House decoration pollution dealing with peace of mind, so we can feel at ease to move, so as not to have an impact on the health of themselves and their families.


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