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Moving decoration note on formaldehyde pollution

    decorating will create formaldehyde, toluene and other purification, these organisms would bring temporary, hidden harm to the human body, the light form a resistance force landed, severe cases lead to leukemia.

    normal conditions at least hanging placed 3rd, and to guarantee the circulation of air, avoiding the rain and Sun. If using the cool wake coat of paint, time must be appropriately extended. Walls using colorful spray paint contains benzene, wish and other materials, air minimum reset time should be more than a month afford. Room paint latex paint, because there is no atmosphere, surface dry after completion to be moved. Rooms at the time to keep House too long to dry-mounted, hanging too long reset changes that will lead to interior surfaces to create unnecessary economic loss.

    decoration, in a move sure to do cover, do not bump Interior appearance. Decorated walls, the air has a layer of decoration, certainly after damage repair and was inconsistent, affecting appearance. So, in a move sure to be alert, planned to move large pieces of furniture are sure to advance, it is best to split into parts, moved into a new House and then assembled. Indoor arts and crafts furnishings, paintings hanging, furnishings, flowers use should be opposed to ' interior decoration style, otherwise it will give people a jarring feel, often a change of bedding, curtains, sofa sets, such as the color, but also on supplies between harmony and match with the interior environment. After the family moved into a new House, first when decorating a sure understanding of use and protection of information, to be familiar with electricity, water, communications, television and other outlets the status, use and further into professional decoration should focus on matters of Court has a positive understanding, able to guarantee the correct application of renovated houses in the future, avoid a loss due to improper use.


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