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Integration of moving decoration

    a lot of time, many large enterprises in renovations for the total completion time, ask to move, thus forming a serious impact on the effectiveness of moving, even if it hurried to the under construction at the time of the move, also in static often see the message.

    not only formation to move poor operational effectiveness, and additional moving costs or cause displeasure in a single, so monitor decorating projects could achieve before the move, it was moved first to implement obligations of the enterprise. An obligation of enterprises moving comparison is complicated only by virtue of their strength is difficult to achieve, this time moving enterprises in Shenzhen are very necessary, and enterprises should pay attention to some details of the rest of Central. In moved zhiqian to do prior of discussion, served as moved of plans personnel should in 10th Qian, will Office configuration figure after do positioning district of plans, each enterprise of products show in material Cabinet, and Office chairs, and carton, items, required posted paint card, and in color card Shang registration Ming positioning regional, and name and the number, to can timely, and completely correct to do positioning job and the inventory obligations. It also sponsors moving companies obligations.

    specification for packaged goods should book well in advance for free for lack of use, the former 10th automatic contact us telecommunications companies, phone call date, so after moving attack cannot be used, affecting the normal operation of the enterprise. Water, power to do time, control of moving goods to move sequence and conveying line, desk, Cabinet drawers of material must be locked, cannot be locked must be fixed with adhesive tape, to make it a smooth moving enterprises in Shenzhen is no problem on the way.


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