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Moving knowledge

Move says Feng Shui

    before they moved house Feng Shui is not a trivial problem. Only selected good Feng Shui House, you can rest assured that the move stay. When you choose to pay attention to what the Feng Shui?

    1. sunny

    geomancy, one Sun air, so I chose housing, not only to fresh air, but also sunny, if insufficient sunshine House, often too much yin, can lead to restless home, is uninhabitable.

    2. Centre for contaminated should not be

    This refers to the site should not be used as a toilet in the House, or have a human heart, debris, that would naturally be out-played. If the toilet is not in the center of housing, but it is located in the center of the latter part of housing, coincides with the door in a straight line, that should not be chosen as home.

    3. streets straight should not be

    Feng Shui is "happy swing straight bogey", because straight comes a sharp, if homes bear the brunt, the infestation is large and not accidentally!

    so when you to choose first, around the House, look around the House are the streets straight into the situation, if the road is straight to the front door of the House, that the longer roads more dangerous, more evil and more, so it was called "Tiger's House", in which to live.

    the ideal living environment, there is a soft breeze blowing, cool breeze, this is in line with the Feng Shui way.

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