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    don't know what you think about the future move into outer space to housing? Movoto foreign real estate website today created a space moving program, you can calculate your House if you are launched into space to how much money is needed, so before when you stand on the outer space in the near future, at least heart bottom.

    the recent United States space exploration technologies Corporation (SpaceX) from their commercial space travel plans one step closer. The 7th of this month, SpaceX successfully launched the "heavy Falcon" carrier rocket, powered by Dragon spacecraft to resupply the international space station. This is the SpaceX company cargo spaceship for the first time formally to the international space station delivery mission. The would-be astronaut, dream on the universe of the people, that's very good news.

    is located in California, Huo Sangshi, SpaceX successfully Movoto also had a keen interest in space travel. In fact, we didn't want to, but not so long ago we were just fantasizing, we might go a moon walk around the Office, and now we have fantasized about a dream trip into space.

    If high social of rich are soon on can into space words, so on housing of rigid needs only will increased, who will wants to has been stay in aircraft that small of space in sleep? so we will to asked: how put himself of House moved to space to? then to mention a more important of problem: if to relocation to space, is to spent how many money does?

    mission: space move plan

    We won't keep us guessing, we calculated about 640 million dollars into a house space. If you have no concept in mind, we can give you a reference, 2005 CIA estimates that American Samoa's gross domestic product was $ 462 million, so a space moving is not a easy job.

    If you still are interested in space moving program, the good news is: If you live in outer space, you don't have to worry about hosting a family party, because no need.

    two mountains

    has two problems need to be resolved for the time being, we need to understand:

    sent to space to House

    how to calculate the weight of the House

    instinct told me to understand these two points is very difficult, but we asked our Chief "rocket scientists", also known as gossip columnist to a closer look.

    the ultimate frontier

    in order to put a house in space, we think it is necessary for a ship to just go. We originally intended to launch rockets strapped to his house on the base and later disintegrated worry that doing so will just launch. In order to avoid this type of tragedy, we prefer using the SpaceX project for housing. SpaceX recently as one of the world's top private space transportation company, designed and built a new "heavy Falcon" carrier rocket, the rocket can carry up to 53 metric tons into low Earth orbit. It also makes the launch space moving plan the most important part. Also can we count the 640 million moving expenses provided a good foundation.

    according to SpaceX's introduction, the Falcon rocket's commercial space transportation under load will be divided into two parts:

    • If the load does not exceed the 6.4 metric tons (6.4 metric tons), a space transportation costs: US $ 83 million

    • If the load exceed 6.4 tons, a space transportation costs of $ 128 million

    know since transport costs, the next step is to calculate the House the exact weight. So you can know what need to be shipped to our House several times to low Earth orbit.

    pick out the perfect space

    in order to get space to House, first of all, you need to have a House. Relocation of our space program, we choose a decent 2500 square feet (approximately 232 square meters), single-storey house. Then, if we want, how can I get into the rocket House.

    weight, and weight!

    about the housing problem of how to weigh, the scientific community there is no unified view. But the Seattle Times gives a basic reference. The newspaper said:

    • for single residential, weighed about 200 pounds per square foot

    • double House, weighed about 275 pounds per square foot

    • three-storey house, weighing about 300 pounds per square foot

    This means that our model houses about 500,000 pounds (2500 square feet x200 pounds), or about 227 tons. Note: this calculation result contains the Foundation part of the House.

    so to sum up, to complete a moving about in space 5 space flight, up to 128 million dollars at a time. This is our cost of $ 640 million from the calculation process.

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