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How to move the Americans

    move everybody in China knows that we often see tenants moving, are also used, but the Americans moved, I think most people have not seen exactly how Americans move, look at their moving stories.

    in the United States people often moved, that the House move moving stories often appear together. If you want to distinguish between who is rich and who is poor, then you go and see their structure, rich man's House is all cement and brick structure with a basement, the poor conditions of the front of the House is a cement brick, poor families are all wood structure.

   -like the Chinese and United States also have moved, you can pack up at home, and then moved, general costs are very expensive and there are time limits, for more than three hours on an extra fee. Most ordinary people are renting them. Basically you can be a general license to rent a container truck, itself from the car came within a specified time or to a designated location on the line. Cars can be used for a whole day. It very difficult for China to have this condition are eligible to drive container trucks in China must have B1 according to, c of common people as simply cannot open.

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