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Moving knowledge

Move giving gifts

    family and friends after moving what is good?

    1. move same day delivery of flowers, the flowers will be able to eat in the living room or on the table.

    2. with one or two bottles of wine or a bottle of champagne.

    3. any food by the masters favorite, especially frozen foods or cooked ham, roast chicken, roast beef, cakes, fruit, etc.

    4. learned colleagues and friends, you can send a book he likes, or selling books, a piece of beautiful music CD or two concert tickets, reflects your tastes good gifts!

    5. If the person is younger colleagues and friends, you can send the rich ethnic furnishings, looks very romantic, the pockets of the most important is that you can afford.

    6. distributed within the House the scent of things: such as room sprays, floral, Cologne. Or beautiful stationery, such as pens, notepads, pencil.

    7. If you are moving an older colleagues and friends, you can send a bouquet of flowers on a piece of paper with wishes cards.

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