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Office Feng Shui there

    would like to make your work easy, everything you? worry about promotions or relationship problems?

    tips: plant methods

    large pot, if you just in front of or next to the toilet, but in between the seat and the toilet, put some broad can suck out noxious gas from the toilet, and can block bad field.

    secret II: out of doors in Pingtung envelope

    If your seat just rushed to the door, unless you have very strong, powerful energy flow was able to stop the gate, or for a long time your magnetic will be disturbed, horoscope and your brain will follow unstable, so you can use the screen to help you out.

    tip three: table lamp method

    If you have beams above the seats can be placed directly below the beam is a lamp, and often was lit by light bulbs, can reduce the bad aura above.

    tip four: seat on the wall without any wall chart

    some of the more dark or scary pictures, not suitable for hanging out every day, fierce beast or a line in the picture is also not suitable for hanging out, because the rest Europe has negative implications, time will affect the stability of the subconscious. Office best with plain or soft simple graph layout can best improve efficiency.

    secret five: not growing vine plants around the seat

    indoor plants with broad leaves, and because the leaves can block, and can absorb the energies of heaven and Earth, and leaves little or wound of linear plants basically belong to yin, will suck our energy, best not to swing.

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