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Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou city, green city moving company is the trade and Industry Bureau approved the registration of a professional moving company. Since its inception, already has more than one lifting and moving, moving company, moving company, moving company, Zhengzhou Zhengzhou, long distance moving, long distance moving companies, moving companies which long short-distance move private vehicles, and trained a group of experienced, high quality and high level of employees. Under the company's training and workers skilled in handling piano, hanging sofa, furniture disassembly and Assembly, disassembly and Assembly partition, disassembly and Assembly of large scale equipment transportation units, factories, schools offer price is negotiable. Green City moving company in Zhengzhou sincere attitude, reasonable fees is your best choice!

Zhengzhou's Green City moving company are willing to cooperate with friends from all walks of life, of Zhengzhou economic building blocks, make due contribution, altogether will create happy tomorrow.

business tenet: customer first, sincere service, comfort and convenience, reasonable prices.

service promise: safety point, civil service, commitment, ping an insurance

services: residents moved, specializing in Office relocation, packing, dismantling furniture, air conditioning, heavy equipment transport, hourly services, IT professional moving services.


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